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General questions

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I have a design requirement – what’s the first step?

Whether you have an idea of what it is you require or not, let’s talk! Questions and concerns can quite often be answered by telephone or e-mail or it may be worth agreeing a meeting at a mutually convenient date to discuss your project in more detail. Remember, normally only actual project work is charged – consultation time is not (apart from perhaps mileage/expenses in certain cases, but always by prior agreement) so relax, you’ve nothing to lose by discussing it.

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How much of the process do you handle?

From initial design concepts right through to production (e.g. printing) or any part of that depending on your requirement. For example, if you already have a printing company you’re happy with, that’s fine – Extrabold can handle the design process and supply the final finished artwork to submit to your printer. Artwork will be completed to a high professional standard and in the correct format, which your printer will love! Alternatively, you can let Extrabold organise the print for you and save yourself all the hassle.

Similarly, if you have a website design project but you already have a developer in mind to construct (code) the site and host it, Extrabold can help you get the front end design (the bit that people see, the ‘look and feel’) to the level you want and work in partnership with your web developer to get it implemented successfully.

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How much will my project cost?

That will, of course, depend on the nature of the project and what’s involved. Regular clients know they will always get a top quality job at a fair price, but it’s no problem if you want an estimate before starting the work.

You can receive a full estimate up front in return for a specific brief, or a more ball-park estimate for something less specific, and you can rest assured a budget, once agreed, will be stuck to, so you know exactly what you’re in for come billing time.

In certain circumstances, though, it may be necessary to add to the estimated cost (if, for example, there was work extra to the initial requirement or a change in specification), but a close eye will be kept as the project proceeds and any potential overruns or changes, and resulting extra cost, will be discussed and OK’d with you so you remain in control of the budget.

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How do I pay?

All work is invoiced and payment is accepted by bank transfer or cheque. Some work may require a deposit before starting, but most is charged on completion on a standard 30-day credit basis.

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Do you charge VAT?

Yes, Extrabold Design is registered for VAT in the UK, so most invoiced work such as studio time or bought-in products or services will be subject to VAT at the standard rate. There are some items that are zero-rated however (i.e. no VAT is chargeable), such as the printing of brochures, magazines and leaflets but this does not include things like business stationery (business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, etc) which is subject to VAT. Seems odd, but that’s the wonderful world of tax!

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