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Logo & branding design

Logo and branding design

Who doesn’t recognise the important role the logo plays in their organisation’s visual identity? It’s the lynchpin around which everything else hangs, and if it’s not right that’s a big compromise.

Not that the logo has to be the centre of attention – far from it – just that it acts as a kind of branding ‘signature’ for what it represents.

As well as being well-crafted – an indication that the owner, be it a company or individual, cares about quality and pays attention to detail – an effective logo has a ‘recognition factor’, that certain quality that enables someone to close their eyes and form it again in their mind. It has an idea, a shape, something that makes it memorable and right.

A logo on its own can never sum up a whole message or ethos – that really is too much to ask – but it does need a solidity and fundamental truth to stand the test of time and really work effectively.

Extrabold puts all this reasoning to work when creating logos and identities – check out the examples here to see this in action.

If you’re concerned that your basic branding isn’t up to scratch, let’s have informal, no-obligation chat. It could be a much simpler fix than you think.

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Studio Golf Ayrshire logo and business card

Studio Golf Ayrshire Ltd

David, an experienced golf professional, was in the process of launching a new leisure venture, an indoor golf studio using cutting-edge technology, and he wanted a vibrant, relaxed and fun identity with which to promote it. The result is branding that welcomes families and beginners but is crisp and grown-up enough to appeal to seasoned players too - the all-round mix that David wanted.

A1 logo and symbols

A1 Window Cleaners

Paul wanted some new, more effective promotional materials as he was looking into franchising his hot water pole system for window cleaning, in addition to seeking more business for his own operation. The existing logo just wasn't up to the job, so the solution was to upgrade that first, then build the new materials on the back of that. After introducing it all he experienced significantly increased interest in his services and was, needless to say, a very happy bunny indeed.

No Red Braces logo

No Red Braces

On relaunching his marketing business under a new name, Stefan wanted a fresh new identity for it, to reflect his no-nonsense, down-to-earth, good value approach. The chosen concept achieves this, and also alludes to the launch of something new and exciting with the cutting of a ribbon – an area he helps many small businesses with (launching, that is, not cutting ribbons!).

Willett & Son logo

Willett & Son (Bristol) Ltd

Established in 1870, this company, which specialises in agricultural and horticultural products, has a lot of history behind it, but didn’t, until Extrabold came along, have a coherent, modern identity. In seeking out a new logo they wanted to reflect their history without looking outmoded or irrelevant. The new logo manages to combine tradition with modernity in a simple, elegant solution where, neatly, the ‘and’ becomes a symbol representing their industry.

Cropkare logo

Willett & Son (Bristol) Ltd

This new product on the agricultural scene, which uses environmentally-friendly source materials, needed to make a splash in the marketplace with a positive, confident, natural feel. The phosphorous-potassium (PK) combination of the product was worked into the name and so is brought out in the logo. A solid start for this brand which has gone from strength to strength since its launch.

Ja’Dillon logo


Julie-Anne’s recently-established wedding stationery business had got off to a promising start, with an attractive product range and bespoke service on offer. What was missing though was a logo for her to use on her website and marketing materials. Cue a classy, bespoke logo from Extrabold, to do justice to her product - ta-dah!

Passport logos

4Networking Ltd

The Passport is the cornerstone of the 4Networking offering – it’s the biggest of 4N’s unique selling points. To unify the membership options available to new members and those renewing, 4N required a family of logos. The solution was to adopt a price tag motif, so as to build the ‘£1 a day’ concept without stating it purely in limited, monetary terms, thereby allowing other variations such as ‘Monthly’ to easily follow suit.

BradCamp / Brad Burton identity

Brad Burton Ltd

Brad, the MD of 4Networking, is also an in-demand keynote speaker and runs regular business ‘boot camps’ called BradCamp. He wanted a simple, energetic and authoritative brand that would cover all this, and would, in a professional and reassuring way, convey his unorthodox but effective no-nonsense approach.

Logic identity

Logic SHE Solutions Ltd

On splitting the company out into divisions, this safety, health and environmental (SHE) consultancy wanted to create a harmonious and unifying identity with a new logo to replace the home-grown and rather uninspiring one that had evolved over a number of years. The crisp, solid forms, evocative of safety symbolism, are rendered in a weighty but unstuffy purple for the group, combined with a punchy highlight colour for each division to inject some immediacy.

Logic stationery

Logic SHE Solutions Ltd

With the identity developed this was then applied to letterheads, compliment slips and business cards to give a strong, crisp and co-ordinated look throughout. Note how the logo also reverses well out of a solid base colour, as shown on one side of the business card.

Images That Move branding

Graham Taylor

Graham has created a new business that revolves around photography, combining still and animated approaches. He wanted an identity that was immediate, that used the red-green-blue of colour photography, and had a sense of movement. This solution captures those notions in a vivid, uplifting and memorable way.

True North Innovation logo

True North Innovation

Rowan runs a consultancy that focusses on innovation in business. Initially inspired by the colourful identity of a major online player that she admired, she wanted to capture some of that in her new logo. The result is a mark with an inventive feel, based on the form of an armillary sundial – a device which has to point true north in order to function correctly. A number of ideas come positively together here to form a coherent, inspiring whole, underscored by a meaningful strapline.

Unreal logo

Elizabeth Cornelius Ltd

Liz was launching a new sunless tanning product into a competitive market. Her high-quality product uses technology she’s developed to give a natural-looking tan which is attuned to the seasons and she needed an attractive visual identity for it that was right for the market. The logo uses a dual sun-and-frost motif to represent the seasonal aspect, with a vibrant colour scheme that positions it perfectly as a tanning product. See also Packaging design and Large format graphics.

Grass Snakes logo

Grass Snakes (band)

Grass Snakes, a UK bluegrass band, wanted a striking logo to spearhead their forthcoming debut album package, being produced in CD format. The chosen design contains a symbol based on an original American snake belt clasp, but morphed in shape so it also neatly stands in for both the ‘S’ of ‘Snakes’ and a treble clef from musical notation. Couldn’t be more apt if it tried!

TBNS branding

4Networking Ltd

When 4Networking came to set up their own all-inclusive business networking show, an annual event bringing together networks from all over the UK, they wanted a new identity for it that was neutral and not reminiscent at all of 4N, and they wanted it quickly as promotion of the new show was about to start. The solution was to provide a simple, professional, monotone look with an injection of energetic bright yellow to add an impetuous accent. See also Web & digital design.

Bank Careers Direct identity

Bank Careers Direct

With the launch of a new venture and a new web site fast approaching, the only thing missing was a logo to fit with the planned layout and colour scheme! Extrabold came to the rescue and provided stationery and promotional literature as well. Reassuringly strong, but welcoming too – ideally suited to recruitment.

LSB Partnerships logo

LSB Partnerships

This business coaching consultancy wanted a solid, bold, distinctive logo that would reach out to their target client base. Initials are abstract and if they don't spell something they can easily be seen as meaningless, so the solution here was to make each initial stand out and mean something pertaining to the business, as spelt out in the strapline.

Taylor-Made Training identity

Taylor-Made Training

With the name already a play on words, a new identity for this training consultancy just had to capitalise on that! So a tailor’s chalk motif becomes a way of adding vitality and humour to a businesslike base. Grounded and trustworthy without being stuffy.

Feel Better Friends logo

Feel Better Friends Ltd

Using her knowledge of car sickness in children, ‘mumpreneur’ Jacqui has fashioned a new product from scratch - a portable sick container with a friendly appearance and many useful features. With a final prototype ready it was time to get it into production and bring it to market. Her initial logo was not strong but had a solid basic idea, so the task here was to take that idea and beef it up into something worthy of a neat product. See also Print design and Large format graphics.

Meadow Inn logo

Fieldwalk Ltd

Ian, owner of local pub the Meadow Inn, wanted a more attractive logo with which to promote his new pub venture. He had a typeface in mind, but on its own this was just not cutting it. Echoes of celtic knot art, combined with a more formal border gave the result the flourish that was needed! Useable in both landscape and portrait formats, the logo is supremely adaptable to all uses. See also Print design.

Into The Image logo

Ken Abbott

After a long time as an amateur photographer producing professional results that have really impressed people, Ken wanted a quick, inexpensive, flexible identity for his new photography venture to help him make the transition into selling photography and courses as a service. A separate logotype and symbol, in a selection of colourways, gave him the elements he needed to help him achieve the professional look he wanted, in double-quick time.

Bristol People logo

Ken Abbott

Before embarking on a new photography project documenting the lives of people in Bristol, England, Ken wanted a logo to use in its promotion, both during the project and after its completion. The idea here is to use a variety of letterforms to symbolise the varied personalities a city contains, people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Ken felt the letters on their own were somehow not enough, so an extra device was added in the form of presenting it as though stencilled out, alluding to the position Bristol holds in street art culture and as the home city of now world-famous graffiti artist Banksy.

Kids Safety Company logo

Feel Better Friends Ltd

To complement her own product (see Feel Better Friends logo earlier) Jacqui has set up a new venture selling and installing safety equipment for children, such as rear-facing child car seats. She wanted a quick, simple, unfussy logo to help instill confidence in her new business and get it off on the right foot identity-wise, without spending huge amounts of time and money exploring concepts. Voilà!

Brissco logo

Brissco Signs and Graphics

A blast from the past here - the mid-1990s - that still stands up well years later! Brissco, a long-established company supplying safety signs, general signage, vehicle conspicuity and product supplies, wanted to update their rather jaded and old-fashioned look which was not an accurate reflection of the present day company at all. The chosen design is a neat, intriguing, geometric take on a letter ‘B’, and gave them the fresh, dynamic look they were searching for.

FW Accountants logo

FW Accountants

A well-known monetary symbol forms part of this simple but elegant logo for an accountancy partnership.

25 Letters a Week logo

On The Go

On introducing a marketing letters service to her existing offer, Lesley-Anne wanted a dynamic and striking logo that integrated well with her existing web site’s look and feel, giving her the confidence to promote her new service with gusto!

HBS logo

Home Buyers Services

Here, the client was looking for an identity that expressed the notion of protecting the home, which this logo packages up neatly.

Bristol Music Festival logo

Bristol Music Festival

A famous Bristol landmark plays a part in this logo, submitted in response to a call for designs for an identity to represent the revival under a new name of the Ashton Court Festival (that was but, alas, is no more). The festival didn’t go ahead in the end so the logo didn’t make it any further, but it’s worth an airing!

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