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Design portfolio
Packaging & label design

Packaging and label design

There are many considerations when choosing a suitable packaging solution and the client knows their market, and the issues involved, best. That’s why Extrabold has a client-led approach to packaging design.

The aim is to design a strong generic look that can be effectively applied across a range of product label designs, bag designs, box designs, whatever it may be, even if there is only one product initially. This gives you the best scope for product development in the future, and real value for your initial investment in design.

If you have a product whose packaging is really selling it short, let’s have an informal, no-obligation chat today about how you can start getting it the attention it deserves!

Unreal packaging labels

Elizabeth Cornelius

After an initial post-launch period selling Unreal tanning solutions in bulk through salon applications, Liz wanted to start selling the range off the shelf too, both in-salon and on the Web. With Extrabold having developed a strong identity for Unreal from the start it was a relatively straightforward process to apply this to product labeling, and as a range they look pretty enticing. See also Logo & branding design and Large format graphics.

Cheese branding and labelling

Strathearn Cheese Company

The entrepreneurs behind this new venture approached Extrabold to submit a proposal for logo and packaging designs for their new company and first two products. They wanted to incorporate a pictish theme and use colours with a natural feel, seeking a solution that would convey quality products with provenance, to appeal to a discerning market. The suggestion shown here uses a pictish spiral design for the logo and natural heather tones of green and mauve for the labelling, plus a special wrapping printed with a repeat pattern of the spirals motif. Alas, the project did not go ahead, so it remains as shown here, at the concept stage.

Midge Magic packaging

Yumm Naturally Ltd

Yumm produces a range of hand-made natural skin products, and for this new product, a midge repellent, they wanted a brand that stood completely apart from the rest of their range; they also wanted help with the name and strapline. Extrabold helped to hone these and got multiple messages across with a strong visual identity and a touch of humour, on bottle labels and a proposed point-of-sale box.

Proctors packaging

Willett & Son (Bristol) Ltd

The Proctors range of horticultural products are high quality but good value, and the packaging and labelling need to show this. These uncomplicated designs get this across and present important information in a clear and attractive fashion.

Software Organiser virtual pack

Right2Use Ltd

Right2Use Ltd wanted to upgrade their existing identity for their Software Organiser product by evolving their existing logo and developing a visual language around that. Extrabold gave them a slick new look including this box graphic to emblazon their website with. Shown here, the revised design for Version 8, the latest version of the software.

Marmalade jar labels

Barry Hannah

Barry asked Extrabold to design some jar labels for his first ‘cottage industry’ product, a nettle and citrus marmalade. The challenge here was to turn something potentially rather ordinary-looking into something special, without adding anything physically to the packaging – the answer was to design the labels to be applied around the jar’s corners rather than flat-on so they could be displayed at a more interesting angle (wherever shelf space wasn’t at a premium, of course!). The look is fresh and modern.

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