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Design portfolio
Printed marketing design

Printed marketing design

Design for print is all about readability, flow and quality of presentation.

You have to engage the reader and hold their attention whilst getting the most important points across quickly and effectively.

The art is to balance text and imagery so that the message shines through, crystal-clear, whether it’s to garner a particular response from the reader or just to impart your message in the most effective and memorable way.

If you want to create a piece of printed literature that really is much more than just ink or toner on paper let’s have an informal, no-obligation chat today and get telling your story.

4community magazine

4Networking Ltd

This 68-page A5 full-colour magazine for 4Networking is written for the members, mostly by the members, aiming for an accessible but thoroughly professional finished product with a clean look. The quality of the content and the design help ensure it is read cover-to-cover and it is a great ambassador for 4N.

4N intro booklet

4Networking Ltd

How to sum up the central concept and ethos of a business in one 4-page A5 booklet! It’s a busy little thing, but the key points are brought out in a logical progression incorporating emphatic symbols and splashes of colour. Any newbie to 4N will get it pretty quickly!

Away with the Faeries book

Madeleine Cook

Maddie, a young writer writing for teenagers, was about to self-publish her debut novel on the Amazon CreateSpace platform, and wanted a professional and striking cover design that would attract potential readers to her work. A lovingly-crafted photo montage brought to life the mood she wanted to get across, coupled with custom title typography. Full book text typesetting completed the job, all provided in the correct, press-ready format files for Maddie to upload for publication. See a virtual copy of the book here. If you, or someone you know, would like to read the book, you can buy a copy here!

Cropkare testimonial leaflet

Willett & Son (Bristol) Ltd

With glowing feedback from farmers about Cropkare after its first year on the market a new leaflet was designed to capitalise on this to win over even more new customers. The correct flow of information was vital here, to lead the reader from the strong opening statement, through the compelling testimonials, to product info and where to purchase.

Proctors folder

Willett & Son (Bristol) Ltd

This general purpose folder features an assemblage of Proctors packs as a cut-to-shape pocket, together with a potted history of the company, all in established Proctors style.

Meadow Inn menu

Fieldwalk Ltd

As part of his ongoing promotional activities, Ian, owner of local pub the Meadow Inn, wanted to upgrade his food and drinks menu to make it more inviting. Using an established chalk-board style, the menu design remains informative while maintaining a relaxed vibe. See also Logo & branding design.

Five Deadly Sins book

Steve Lazarus, The Claims Desk

Steve, an expert insurance loss assessor, wanted to self-publish his helpful book, about avoiding the perils of insurance claims, and wanted a bold cover reminiscent of a certain leading player in self-help books. The art here was to achieve that look without blatantly copying the original! The book was completed with full text typesetting and press-ready files were supplied to Steve for him to upload to an on-demand book printing website for production.

Smartblood press advertisement

Blue Horizon Medicals

Paul had agreed a double-page spread display ad in a popular celebrity doctor magazine supplement to advertise his company’s countrywide blood testing service. The ad was therefore designed to appeal to the magazine’s consumer audience, with a significant quantity of information corralled into digestible chunks, leaving space for the headline and image to breathe. A clean, clinical blue was also introduced into the mix to counterbalance the direct blood red of the Smartblood identity and promote a sense of calm professionalism and trustworthiness.

Process & Prosper! book cover

Wendy Harrington

Wendy needed a cover designing for her new book and she needed it fast – it was going to press in two days! She was delighted with the result: a simple, attractive, uplifting (no pun intended) and immediate design, with totally royalty-free imagery, presented press-ready on deadline.

Get Off Your Arse books

Brad Burton

A motivational business book, primarily aimed at the self-employed, and its sequel. With no publisher on board Brad wanted to achieve a quality of presentation that most self-published books don’t reach. The cover and text page design strikes a balance between edginess and professionalism, conveying the character of the author and the brass tacks stream-of-concsiousness style of the writing. Don’t those covers just scream for attention?

Feel Better Friends brochure

Feel Better Friends Ltd

Using her knowledge of car sickness in children, ‘mumpreneur’ Jacqui has fashioned a new product from scratch - a portable sick container with a friendly appearance and many useful features. With a final prototype ready it was time to get it into production and bring it to market. With a punchy logo to kick things off, this brochure was developed to help sell the concept to potential distributors and retailers. See also Logo & branding design and Large format graphics.

Meyer & Marsh brochure

Meyer & Marsh

This independent home furnishings retailer, with a retail unit and an online shop, wanted a 4-page A4 hard-copy brochure to dispense to browsing visitors in-store and use for other marketing purposes. It was vital that the brochure tied in visually with their website, so the task here was to bring the content together in a way that did this but also worked as an effective brochure narrative.

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