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Web & digital design

Web and digital design

Nobody wants to be embarrassed on the big screen, or the small one. Do you have a website where the visitor’s first impulse is to get out as quickly as possible and never come back? Or promotional video, social media graphics, or other digital assets that lack a strong and coordinated look?

You want visitors to your website to have their interest piqued, to stick around, explore, get in touch, feel confident enough to make a purchase, and whatever else you’d like them to do. Creating the conditions visually, structurally and navigationally for this to happen is essential to that aim.

Similarly with other digital media, you want the viewer to engage and react positively to the message you’re presenting and how you’re presenting it.

Extrabold can work constructively with you and your digital media supplier to help you create a visual style that works to your advantage.

Let’s have an informal, no-obligation chat today about smartening up your digital world.

4Networking website

4Networking Ltd

4Networking was in the process of revamping their website into a responsive, mobile- and tablet-friendly format, and wanted help bringing together some of the visual elements. Amongst many new page layouts and graphical treatments, the revised home page shown features a new composite background image onto which a feature panel is laid containing the latest main promotional message.

4NTV graphics

4Networking Ltd

4Networking moved a step up the video marketing ladder with the creation of its own web video channel, 4NTV. In doing so they needed some bold and crisp branding graphics to complete their virtual studio set-up. Click here to visit 4NTV

Proctors website

Willett & Son (Bristol) Ltd

A comprehensive website with both promotional and informative content, that is attractive for the visitor and easy to navigate. The established Proctors style is reinforced throughout in the graphics, and the overall feel is relaxed, informal and friendly.

Brad Burton website

Brad Burton

Brad wanted to update his website to reflect his latest activities and consolidate a new look across the board. There’s a lot to take in on this single-page site, but the design splits things into well-defined sections and leads the visitor through all the information, complete with strategically-placed calls-to-action.

TBNS social media graphics

4Networking Ltd

As part of the promotion of The Business Networking Show, 4Networking’s flagship business networking event, significant use is made of social media. These graphics are samples from the latest event’s promotional run. See also Logo & branding design.

Logic website

Logic SHE Solutions Ltd

As part of their identity revamp by Extrabold, Logic wanted to explore a new look for their web site using the new colour combinations and graphic elements. The look here is strongly corporate but lively and dynamic too. See also Logo & branding design.

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