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Why Extrabold?

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt!

If you’re looking for a creative designer, there’s plenty of choice out there

You've got independent designers, freelance designers, design consultancies, design agencies, advertising agencies, in-house designers in print shops... you get the picture!

With all that supply, how on earth do you find and choose the designer that’s right for you? There’s so much to consider. Does the designer have the right experience? Do they have the right expertise? Will they understand your business and market? Are they creative enough? Will they charge too much?

Luckily, you’ve arrived here. Let’s give you a few reasons to stay here and consider making Extrabold your creative designer of choice:

Experienced and expert

Paul, the principal designer and your point of contact, has over twenty-five years’ experience in the graphic design industry, covering the whole process from initial concepts through to production. That means there’s no messing around – you’ll find progress comes quickly and painlessly.

Also, you don’t need to worry about being bamboozled by design-speak or obscure terminology – if there’s anything you’re not sure about, want explaining, etc, all you need to do is ask and you’ll get a clear answer in plain English. No cloak and dagger, no smoke and mirrors, no mystery, no nonsense!

Client-centred approach

The Extrabold approach is centred around the client – not in a “yes Sir, no Sir” kind of way, but in that it’s a constructive, collaborative approach all the way.

The designer is not the ‘Big I Am’ in the process, but is there to use their creativity, skill and experience to help and guide the client through their project to a successful conclusion.

As a client, your knowledge of your business and your industry is the starting point, and your thoughts and ideas are all part of the process – after all, nobody has a monopoly on ideas and nobody knows your business better than you do. What you will value immensely though is an objective view and some fresh thinking from someone ‘outside’ your business.


Money doesn’t grow on trees and budgets (generally) aren’t limitless, especially for the smaller business. Extrabold aims always to give value for money, not of the rock-bottom, bargain-basement, pile-it-high type, but value in its truest sense.

Not satisfied until you’re satisfied

A project isn’t finished until you’re completely satisfied. That doesn’t mean it’s financially open-ended – far from it, a budget will be stuck to under almost all circumstances – just that Extrabold isn’t happy until you are. That way lies truly effective design and happy clients.

Like what you’re reading?

Great! Then let’s have an informal, no-obligation chat about your plans, your next project, what’s bugging you about your current marketing materials, or whatever it is you’d like to discuss.

And good on you, again, for turning up here!

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