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Logo design for £360+VAT
100% satisfaction or you don’t pay!

Logo360: 100% satisfaction or you don't pay!

Getting your logo right has to be top priority

The logo is the visual lynchpin of any promotional item, be that a physical thing like a business card or van, or a virtual one like a website – it’s the element that anchors all the other elements, and it lets people know exactly who they’re dealing with. It’s a signature.

Although a logo is rarely the centre of attention in any promotion – the content and message are normally the most important thing – if the logo isn’t right it somehow throws everything else out of kilter.

It’s about confidence – the confidence your target audience has in your brand, and the confidence your organisation has in its own image – and as we all know, confidence makes a huge and positive difference.

Fixed price logo design – what do you get?

Logo360 from Extrabold gives you the peace of mind of knowing that, for a fixed price of £360+VAT, you will get a thoroughly-developed, professionally-produced logo, backed up by the guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the process or the product at any stage you can walk away and not pay a penny.

You also get your finished logo in a comprehensive range of file formats, including the all-important vector original (see questions and answers below).

The logo design process

Stage 1: Consultation

An assessment of where you are now and where you need and want to be. A discussion where your thoughts, ideas, wishes and needs are taken on board.

Stage 2: Initial designs

A range of initial logo ideas is produced to gauge what type of solution will work best. You may feel that one particular idea is the strongest, or that a combination of more than one fits the bill. Your opinions and wishes are sought and incorporated into the next stage.

Stage 3: Development

The chosen logo idea(s) is/are taken and developed. This stage continues, incorporating your feedback at every step, until you are completely satisfied that a final logo design has been arrived at.

Stage 4: Final files

The final approved logo is turned into a comprehensive range of file formats which you will be given for your own use and safekeeping. There are no limitations on their use – once you have paid the fee in full the logo files are yours to do with as you wish. It is completely your choice how, when and where you use them.

Logo file formats supplied to you

EPS vector file: This is your base original file from which anyone with graphics software, such as a designer or printer, can derive any format and size. It can also be incorporated in its original form in artwork at any size without loss of sharpness, and in the case of irregularly-shaped logos (as opposed to square or rectangular) any background it is placed on will show through the transparent areas around the logo shape. It will normally be in CMYK colour.

JPEG bitmap file(s): This format is useful for general applications such as word processor documents, slide presentations and the Web. It will normally be supplied in a generally-useful size in RGB colour and in high resolution in CMYK colour.

GIF bitmap file(s): This format may be supplied if appropriate – this is normally when the logo comprises simple block colours, and will be in RGB colour.

PNG bitmap file(s): This format is useful if the logo has an irregular shape (as opposed to square or rectangular), as it supports transparency and will allow backgrounds to show through the transparent areas around the logo shape, as there may be occasions when you want to use the logo on backgrounds other than white. This will be supplied in RGB colour.

For more information on colour and graphic formats: see here for more on colour formats and see here for more on graphic formats.


Once you have your final logo files any further help, advice, logo formats/sizes, etc, that you need are only a call or email away.

All projects are archived, so if you lose your files and need them re-supplying, that’s not a problem and it’s free of charge.

Questions and answers

Q: Why the cost when I can get a logo done for $5 on the Internet?

A: You want your logo to be fit for purpose and one that is completely bespoke to your organisation – it takes time to achieve that properly and professionally. A fair fee covers the work involved, ensures that you get to deal with the designer personally at every stage, and ensures that you get a top-quality finished logo.

Q: When is a logo ‘right’?

A: There is, of course, no one version of ‘right’ – there are many good solutions to any given brief. The important thing is to get to one of those good solutions. To be ‘right’ a logo should possess a number of qualities: it should be clear, appropriate, well-crafted, and should be able to stand the test of time for its expected lifetime. A good logo has a ‘recognition factor’ – that certain strength that allows someone to easily form it again in their mind.

Q: Can I see some logo examples?

A: Yes – you can see plenty of logo design examples here.

Q: What is a vector file and why do I need one?

A: A vector graphic is constructed with lines and fills and is the ideal basis for a logo design as it can be used at any size without loss of sharpness, and also allows anybody with the right software to easily edit it or to make any file format from it to any size.

The most common and widely-used file format for vector files is EPS (Encapsulated Postscript).

See here for more information on graphic formats

IMPORTANT: anyone commissioning a logo should be supplied a vector version of it (in addition to any other versions they may be given) as this gives them complete flexibility to use the logo however and wherever they wish, without having to go back cap-in-hand to the original designer – only a vector file can provide this.

Getting started on your logo project

Want to have a chat about your logo project or make a start on it? If you’d like to take up the Logo360 offer simply:

• use the form below

• or call 01764 910 414

• or email paul(at)extrabold(dot)design.



Boxes marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed in order to send the message. Your data will never be shared with, or sold to, any other organisation, although Google reCAPTCHA is used to verify that responses are genuine and not from spambots.

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